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Two Horned Beast




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Impossible Prophecies

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The Two-Horned Beast Of Revelation 13

A Symbol Of The United States


Author:  J. N. Loughborough


Written by Adventist pioneer J. N. Loughborough in 1857, this book proves through the scriptures and historical evidence that the United States of America is the Two-Horned Beast of Revelation 13.


The reader is taken back in history to the time when the country was in its infancy, shown how the time of its rise, location, manner of its rise, and description, all harmonise with the two-horned beast represented in Revelation 13. The author also reveals how many so-called Protestant Churches at that time supported slavery, and warns how America, as revealed in Bible prophecy, will make an image to the beast. An extensive index with diagrams is included.


Paperback: 93 pages          Book Preview

Impossible Prophecies Fulfilled

That Defy Skeptics


Authors: Standish & Standish


The Koran of the Muslims, the "sacred" writings of the Hindus, Buddhists, Shintoists, Taoists, and the Confucians conspicuously have scant prophetic utterances. In contrast, the Bible has literally hundreds of prophecies. Many of these prophecies are rich in detail - unlike the prophecies of Nostradamus, which are mystical and lacking in detail.


Built on time, the prophecies of the Bible are very specific. These prophecies defy the challenges of skeptics, agnostics, atheists, and those who follow non-Christian religions. This book is a must for infidels and Christians alike.


Paperback: 160 pages


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